Dog Walking

Hot Dogs n Cool Cats offer regular dog walking or an adhoc service to meet with your requirements. I provide dog walking, tailored to your and your dog’s individual needs.


Many dogs can develop behavioural problems such as chewing, digging and barking when left alone. These behaviours are normally the result of boredom or insufficient exercise.


I can provide walks in a location of your choice, and these can vary from a good run around, playing with balls and frisbees, to simply a good explore in the countryside.

Your dog will enjoy a long walk in predominantly countryside, to keep them well stimulated, happy and looking forward to their daily or weekly exercise regime and inevitably your dog will sometimes get wet and muddy. This is all part of their enjoyment, and I quite often get wet and muddy too! As part of the dog walking service I’ll do my best to dry your dog before returning them home. I will ask that on wet days you leave out towels to use and I’ll leave your dog in your house in an easy to clean area such as the kitchen.


Walks are available seven days a week and your dog/s will be provided with the same level of care as if you were walking them yourself. I am very flexible and can provide either a daily or occasional service for an hour, or 45 minutes should this be more suited to your dog’s needs.


Time slots available:  12pm – 3pm


Initial dog walking consultations will be held with you at your home, A discussion with yourself and an observation of your dog under your command to familiarise myself with your dog and to assess your dogs’ personality. And to allow your dog to become familiar with me in your presence.


During my visits I will:

  • Private walks on a lead with no more than one other dog

  • Morning - mid day - late afternoon walks

  • Poop patrol

  • Feeding if required

  • Fresh water

  • Lots of love & affection

  • In the unlikely event that your pet requires first aid, I will contact the vets of your preference

  • A record card will be left notifying you of my walk and your pet's activity.

Additional dogs from the same household will be charged at 50% of the rate agreed for the first dog.