Dog & Puppy Sitting

Hot Dogs n Cool Cats will provide a dog sitting service which enables your much loved Canine to remain in their own home and continue with their normal routine.


Your dog will be loved, fed, provided with lots of attention, stimulated and given lots of walks in the fresh air with 100% company at all times!


Puppies need a regular routine to learn and adapt to household life quickly. They need several small meals a day, and several toilet trips!


Puppy visits are provided for Puppies and Elderly Dogs and I will come in and fuss them and let them out for any toilet needs.


I will exercise your dog regularly as per your requirements, following whatever instructions you give to me. Whether your dog is fighting fit or suffering ill health I will be there to care for them.


Special diets and medication can be administered where necessary.

During my visits I will:

  • Feed-usual food including any special diets

  • Refresh the water bowl

  • Wash all feeding utensils

  • Entertain and play with puppy/dog to help with socialisation

  • Short walks when they're ready to go outside, after they have been fully vaccinated.

  • Clean and disinfect any soiled areas

  • Administer medication if necessary

  • Remove dog/puppy related rubbish to outside bin

  • A record card will be left for your information notifying you of your pets activity and my actions.


I also offer a puppy minding service for party people that would still like a night out and have peace of mind that their adorable puppy is being looked after.


I can offer home boarding for the night at my house or I can pop in to yours twice throughout the evening to check on your puppy and let them out for a toilet break and play with them.


This is a specialised service. Price packages can be arranged to suit.

Please call me to discuss this package.