Hello, I’m Alex! I have always loved animals as I'm originally from West Yorkshire, where I lived next to a farm. We had cats and I used to feed the horses and cows over the garden wall and walk the neighbour’s dog. I now have my own fur babies; 5 cats (Eddie, Toffee, Gabby, Brenda and Maurice) and 1 chocolate Labrador (Vinnie).


After studying Psychology at University I worked in the care sector for adults with learning disabilities for 5 years before moving to Manchester to join the Emergency Services, where I often worked alongside the RSPCA.


I worked for the Emergency Services for 8 years before changing

my career and following my passion for carpentry. I have my own

business (The Tabby Cat) which specialises in vintage furniture

and handcrafted curiosities from reclaimed/ethical sourced wood.

Vinnie was a rescue Labrador who we adopted at 1 year old.

I put a lot of hard work and dedication to transformed him from

a hyperactive untrained pup into a trained, calm, soft, gorgeous,

loved boy. He likes nothing better than to curl up in front of the

wood burner with his best friend, our youngest cat Maurice.

I joined Hot Dogs n Cool Cats in September 2016 as it works

perfectly with my lifestyle. I have a patient and calm approach

with your pets and can provide a reliable and professional
service. I will ensure their welfare and happiness at all times.