Cat Sitting

As cats are very territorial and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, fussing and pampering it is always a good option to have your cat cared for in their own environment.


As a cat sitting service Hot Dogs n Cool Cats will provide a regular service of individual care, company, and lots of love and cuddles. Your cat will be a “COOL” cat and will be fed their usual food during the times you are unavailable.


My cat sitting service will be tailored to your cat’s individual needs, and can be provided once or twice a day depending on your preference.

As part of my service, I’ll meet with you in your home so that we can see your cat in their own environment. I will always ensure I meet your cat prior to any cat sitting services starting.


During my visits I will:

  • Feed, play and stay with your cat for 30 minutes (longer if you require)

  • Wash all feeding utensils

  • Refresh the water bowl each visit

  • Clean the litter tray, replace or top up the litter (whichever required at the time)

  • Wipe up any spillages and disinfect area

  • Remove cat poop and related rubbish including "presents" from hunting, to your outside bin

  • Administer first aid if required

  • A record card will be left notifying you of your cats activity and my actions

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