I founded Hot Dogs & Cool Cats in 2014 after my Spanish neighbours got Hope, a puppy Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Weimaraner for Christmas. I felt so sorry for little Hope as I could hear her crying all day, pining while her owners were at work. So I approached my neighbours and offered to look after her during the day.


This is where it all started for me, as I fell in love with Hope, she brought so much joy to my life that it broke my heart when my neighbours returned back to Madrid in the Spring. I offered to drive Hope to Spain to make sure she got her new home safely and comfortably.


Since then I now have my own puppy called Ruben who
gives me just as much joy, if not more! I also get to go on
fabulous walks and get plenty of fresh air, as I am also an
avid fitness fanatic and the outdoor life suits me perfectly.


It made perfect sense for me to get into dog walking and
pet minding as I know how hard it is finding someone you
can trust & rely on, as well as giving your pet the required
love and attention they need.


Hot Dogs n Cool Cats now provide a reliable, professional
and secure pet sitting/dog walking service to Chorlton and
surrounding areas.


Your pets will be looked after and cared for by me, who has
the experience and is passionate about animal care, welfare
and happiness.